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Katyayini infotech pvt. ltd. is a Mobile Application development company was founded in 2012 with the intention of developing mobile applications for various business needs. As beginners in the industry we immediately sensed the need for innovation in mobile applications because the field presented a huge range of opportunities. We have ever since poured our resources and energy in to the development of mobile apps to suit all kinds of mobile platforms and industries.

We have an outstanding team consisting of top software developers with sound web and mobile technology and the awareness for the latest happenings in the sphere of mobile phone applications. The team has helped us to forge fruitful partnerships with various startup as well as existing businesses with their fresh ideas. Some of the benefitted clients figure among the top of the digital industry.

Apart from being well qualified and knowledgeable in the web technology we also boast a corporate background making us choosy in our client selection. Once we pick them we offer them technology, resources and the most apt guidance to empower them to transform their business significantly by improving the efficiency of their day to day operations. This has resulted in the improvement of cliental and profitability for our partners and growing number of appreciating partners for us.

The talent management we contain is process-oriented and they work as an extension of the client’s developmental efforts often. We are very flexible working with our clients and pay rapt attention to their needs before we start developing web and mobile apps for them. The solutions we provide to our enterprising and startup clients are inventive and fast working making life easy for them in their operations.

The solutions we have provided include wealth management created on CRM platform, chat lock to prevent unauthorized access, a YouTube player, app for social networking platform video editing and app for healthcare establishment. Our knowledge and expertise span over several other spheres that include education, publishing, financial services, government and retail. This makes us versatile in dealing with the digital demand made by cross sections of industry across the globe.

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