Call Recorder

Call Recorder


I have got many mail regarding that Call recording not working.or after upgrading it stop working.

If Call Recording is not working after upgrading please follow these steps.

  • Please Make Sure at the same Time Free version and Pro Version Not install. Only one at a time.
  • Please Delete The app and install again from appworld. Appworld will not charge again for this.after install please Restart Your Device and check it now .
  • Please Check application have permission for Recording. for Check Go to Device Setting->Security and privacy->Application Permission->Call Recorder Pro. And check all permission must be on.if You have make any change in Permission Please Restart your device.

Call Recorder is an application develops for all BlackBerry® users to record all important call.

Call Recorder offers unique set of features which will allow you to record any call automatically. Record any phone call you want and choose which calls you want to save. You can set which calls are recorded and which are ignored. You can listen to the recorded call at any time.


  • Turn On/Off Calls
  • Skip Short Length Calls
  • Set call Inbox Size
  • You can directly listen to the recording call in the application.
  • Must ensure the app is running in the background
  • Must turn the phone in speaker mode
  • Vibrate On Call Disconnect
  • Show LED on Call Disconnect

No limit on the length of recorded calls. Record Calls as long as you want.

How to Record a Call ?

here is settings to help you to record your call.(see the image 1)

Application status :- Here is the On/Off Button when the Button in On you can record all calls automatically.if you don't want to record any call you can Off this Button

Record All Incoming Calls :- Here is the setting to you want to record or not your incoming calls.If you want to record all incoming calls then ON the Button otherwise you can OFF.

Record All Outgoing Calls :- You can Record All outgoing calls to press ON button and started record all outgoing calls.Otherwise OFF the button to disable all outgoing call recording

Vibrate On Success Record :- Vibrate On Success Record is the advanced feature in this call can use this feature by the ON/OFF button.After complete the recording your phone will vibrate if button is ON. You can disable this feature press OFF

Blink LED On Success Record :- You can set the Blink LED by this option. You can choose the ON/OFF button.If button is On LED started Blinking after the completed recording. If button is OFF LED can't blink.

Don't Record Call Less Then :- Don't record call less then 0-20 second (None to 20 second).This is very use full option to avoid the unwanted call recording.You can set the time to avoid the unwanted call recording.You can use this option easyly press on this option button and set the time duration.

Record Inbox Size :- No limit on the length of recorded calls. Record Calls as long as you want.

Output Folder :- You can choose the output folder path where you want to save your recording files.

Call recorder

Recording Player

Here you can play the Recordings.In this player there is two option PLAY/PAUSE.You can PLAY/PAUSE your audio any time by using this player.Here you can Play all recoding One by One. (See the Image 2).

If application is not working then go to your device settings then press 'security and Privacy' then press the application permission then choose call recorder icon and check all permission must be ON.(see the image 3)

Capture It Capture It

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