GPS Phone Tracker Anti-Theft

GPS Phone Tracker Anti-Theft

GPS Phone Tracker can help you to find a phone and give you peace of mind. In addition to the location of your phone automatically!

GPS Phone Tracker Track lost or stolen phones so you can:


  • Track a lost, stolen or missing device.
  • Search ISD Codes.
  • Get List of All Device Location.
  • Alarm on Phone Lost.
  • Automatically send SMS and email of the current device location.
  • View Phone Location on Map.
  • Keep record of last visited locations of phone.

How to use this application?

There are three simple steps to start this Application see the Image 1, 2, 3

  • Enter your email id and press Next button (See the Image 1)

  • 2nd One is that Enter your Alternate Mobile Number and press Next Button (See the Image 2)

  • Now You will Get a unique keyword.Please Remember your unique keyword (See the Image 3)
  • gps_Phone_tracker gps_Phone_tracker gps_Phone_tracker


    UNIQUE KEYWORD is KEYWORD set up by you which will help to find your LOST PHONE. In case you lost your phone Please send this KEYWORD in SMS/EMAIl from any phone or any email id please remember this UNIQUE KEYWORD

    Gps phone Tracker

    There are THREE more Features in this App. 1st is that Your Device Location 2nd is Search Isd Code and 3rd One is your Last Location.

  • Your Device Location. (See the Image 5)

  • Search Is ISD Code.(See the Image 6)

  • Your Last Location.(See the Image 7)
  • Gps Phone Tracker Gps Phone Tracker Gps Phone Tracker


    To manage your app Settings......(see the Image 8)

  • Please ensure phone tracker service is enable in App Setting.

  • Please ensure Location service in enable in device system setting.

  • Gps Phone Tracker


    In the help menu you can find All solutions regarding this app. There are lots of Question & Answer.

    Gps Phone Tracker Gps Phone Tracker

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